About Horatio

‘If I had to explain to a young, thoughtful Muslim, or his evangelical Christian counterpart, why absolute freedom of thought matters to me, I would start with Samuel Butler. The New Atheists wouldn’t get a look-in, and that is not because I am from the Neville Chamberlain School of anything. It’s because I believe that clear, witty, temperate prose, in the service of true imaginative power, is the best persuader we have, and the best persuader we will ever have.’

From Samuel Butler, or The Art of Being Funny about Religion, an essay included in Lady Chatterley’s Defendant and Other Awkward Customers (See book section)

The Egyptian writer Nasr Abu Zayd is another useful way into this. He was both a believer and fully committed to those traditions within Islam from which, he argued, a more balanced relationship with modernity might emerge. You can read more here

Horatio has explored the west’s own troubled relationship with science and modernity in the environmental context. He was involved in the campaign to set up the first Marine Protected Area of significant size in English waters, in Lyme Bay, and wrote a booklet, Drake’s Graffiti, situating this in the longer history of the English West Country’s complex relationship with the sea.

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