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Being Anti-Plastic is Not Enough

I had the good fortune to attend the recent Lush Summit in London. I listened to many fascinating talks there in the ‘Ocean Space’ and afterwards wrote this piece. It’s about the lessons we might all learn from the success of the campaign to ban microbeads in the US. You can read it here.

Who Governs Lyme Bay?

My review of Peter Jones’ ‘Governing Marine Protected Areas’ and an application of its central thesis to Lyme Bay was published in two parts by The Ecologist. You can read it on their website.

English Non-conformity and Europe

Three Monkeys Online have published an article about English identity and the EU referendum, originally given as a talk in the Unitarian Chapel in my home town. You can read it here

Please Do Feed the Pigeons

This article by Fahim Amir, originally Tausend Tauben, appeared on eurozine. You can read my translation here This is for Hazel.

Our Sea Needs Our Say

I’m hosting a discussion about marine conservation and Lyme Bay with Philip Hoare, George Monbiot and Callum Roberts 8 PM on 17th September, at The Electric Palace in Bridport. £7 entrance. See below for details. Sixty square miles of Lyme Bay became the first Marine Protected Area of significant size in English waters in 2008. […]

Europe: The View from a Homeless Shelter

The June-July issue of the London Magazine has an essay of mine about Europe.

Moby Dick, Chapter 118

You can hear the chapter I read for the Moby Dick Big Read here Eva Stalker has been blogging about the readings here

Moby Dick for the Digital Age

I recently interviewed Philip Hoare and Angela Cockayne for Three Monkeys Online about the Moby Dick Big Read.

Various 2012

Not sure if it’s available on line but I wrote a short piece for the New Internationalist about Patrick Keiller’s ‘Robinson Institute’, a free exhibition at the Tate Britain, based on his three Robinson films. Here’s what The Guardian thought. If you couldn’t get to London for that try to see the films anyway. I […]

Drake’s Graffiti: Coming Home Slowly to What the Sea Means

The author was part of the successful campaign to establish a marine reserve in Lyme Bay. The first such protected area in English waters, it has permanently closed sixty square miles of seabed to the scallop-dredgers. This book, based on a talk Morpurgo gave recently, is part memoir, part updated guide to the West Country’s […]