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Just Look at the Street

My essay about Chernivtsi, Ukraine, and the Bukowinisch-Galizische Literaturstrasse (Bucovina-Galicia Literary Trail) is in the February-March issue of the London Magazine.

Forbidden Topics, Long Shadows

My review of Georgiy Kasianov’s ‘Memory Crash’ (2022) can be read here. His book is an essential guide to Ukraine’s internal debates about the past and how these continue to shape its relations with neighbouring states, east and west.

Sand City In the Rain

An article in the Nov. – Dec. 2022 issue of the PN Review about Chernivtsi / Czernowitz, a city in southwestern Ukraine. It’s mainly concerned with the work being done to keep alive the memory of those extraordinary writers who emerged there in the early / mid-twentieth century. Paul Celan is only the most famous […]

From a Heatwave

I have a poem with this title in the current (Dec. 2022 – Jan. 2023) issue of The London Magazine.

Zweigheft 27

The Open Letter to English Heritage, requesting a plaque for Stefan Zweig at his London address, and the fuller case I’ve made for this, ‘Unseasonably Speaking’, are printed together in the current (twenty-seventh) ‘Zweigheft’, published by the Stefan Zweig Zentrum in Salzburg. They appear there alongside a fascinating interview with theatre director Roberto Ciulli and […]


My essay about J.M.Cohen, translator of Don Quixote and Gargantua and Pantagruel for Penguin, as well as works by Montaigne, Pascal, Rousseau and others, is reprinted in the journal of the Penguin Collectors Society.

Budding in Darkness

Essay about owls in June-July issue of The London Magazine.

The Heritage of Humanism and Enlightenment in Exile Literature

There’s a conference with this title at St Hugh’s College Oxford, between March 24th – 25th, at which I’ll be talking about Stefan Zweig and Erasmus.

The Thames by Night

‘The Thames by Night‘ is an essay about my grandparents, Jack and Kippe Morpurgo, published in the January / February 2022 issue of the PN Review.

7.5 Km3

7.5 Km3 is an essay published in the February / March issue of the London Magazine. It’s about the end of lockdown, the British government’s plan to build a floating wall down the middle of the Channel and the single day, in October 2020, when a record-breaking seven and a half cubic kilometres of rainwater […]