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Ninon & Saint-Evremond: Paris, London & Friendship

Weak Regulation Jeopardises Marine Life

This look at how the laws governing Marine Protected Areas work out in practise should interest anyone who is wondering how our marine habitats are likely to fare should the UK leave the European Union.

On Belonging: George Orwell and the Wretched Little Place in Devonshire

At Seaton Junction, in the East Devon countryside, stands a range of half-derelict buildings. They and the trees which have grown up around them mark the spot where a schoolboy set out, one night almost a century ago, on an adventure that would change his society and ours, forever. This story was run off as […]

It Never Was in France or Spain

The current issue (Sept – Oct 2018) of the PN Review includes an essay of mine about the poet Sean Rafferty.

An old pair of Russian binoculars

The August-September 2018 issue of the London Magazine has an essay of mine about growing up with the Cold War, dedicated to the memory of Stephen Batty.

Being Anti-Plastic is Not Enough

I had the good fortune to attend the recent Lush Summit in London. I listened to many fascinating talks there in the ‘Ocean Space’ and afterwards wrote this piece. It’s about the lessons we might all learn from the success of the campaign to ban microbeads in the US. You can read it here.

Unseasonably Speaking

The application to commemorate Stefan Zweig’s time in London with a plaque was refused by English Heritage in 2012. In a piece for PN Review, I argue here that it is time to re-visit this question.

Who Governs Lyme Bay?

My review of Peter Jones’ ‘Governing Marine Protected Areas’ and an application of its central thesis to Lyme Bay was published in two parts by The Ecologist. You can read it on their website.

Europe’s Rotten Wood

Investigations into the activities of a large Austrian timber company, Holzindustrie Schweighofer, have resulted in the company’s FSC license being withdrawn. The Spar supermarket chain has also announced that it will no longer buy wood pellets or briquettes sourced from the company. You can find out why by reading this, published in Resurgence Magazine. Also […]

English Non-conformity and Europe

Three Monkeys Online have published an article about English identity and the EU referendum, originally given as a talk in the Unitarian Chapel in my home town. You can read it here