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A Deed of Quixote

My portrait of J.M. Cohen, translator from French and Spanish, crucial link between the London publishing world and Latin American literature in the 1950s and 1960s, is in the current issue of PN Review (Nov.-Dec. 2019).

It Never Was in France or Spain

The current issue (Sept – Oct 2018) of the PN Review includes an essay of mine about the poet Sean Rafferty.

An old pair of Russian binoculars

The August-September 2018 issue of the London Magazine has an essay of mine about growing up with the Cold War, dedicated to the memory of Stephen Batty.

Unseasonably Speaking

The application to commemorate Stefan Zweig’s time in London with a plaque was refused by English Heritage in 2012. In a piece for PN Review, I argue here that it is time to re-visit this question.

Europe’s Rotten Wood

Investigations into the activities of a large Austrian timber company, Holzindustrie Schweighofer, have resulted in the company’s FSC license being withdrawn. The Spar supermarket chain has also announced that it will no longer buy wood pellets or briquettes sourced from the company. You can find out why by reading this, published in Resurgence Magazine. Also […]

One Touch of Nature: Shakespeare & Ecology

My review of Randall Martin’s excellent Shakespeare & Ecology was published in the May-June 2016 issue of Resurgence Magazine. You can read the article here. Brief summary: ‘I can think of no better way to celebrate the 400th anniversary than to read this book.’ This article appears in French, as ‘Shakespeare et la Nature’, in […]

A review of ‘Economics After Capitalism’, by Derek Wall, Pluto Press, 2015

Derek Wall is the International Coordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales. His book is a survey of the many alternatives to neo-liberalism. Wall is as knowledgeable about suggestions from reformist financiers like Stiglitz as he is about those of anarchists like Kropotkin or eco-feminists like Vandana Shiva or Elinor Ostrom. Bio-Regionalism has […]

Making Marine Protection Work

The Ecologist Magazine has posted an article here about the debate in Lyme Bay and beyond over how best to monitor the recovery of Marine Protected Areas.

Calling the Count to Account

I’ve a piece in the winter issue of Stir looking at UKIP’s rhetoric on immigration and its unconscious debt to Bram Stoker. Three Monkeys Online posted it here On a related theme, you can read here a translated extract from Ioana Baetica Morpurgo’s novel ‘Immigrants’, about five Romanians living in the UK.

More Than One View of Somewhere in Central Ukraine

PN Review has an essay about Berdychiv, central Ukraine, in its current issue. Joseph Conrad, Vasily Grossman and Pinhas Kahanovitch (‘Der Nister’) were all born there. I visited earlier this year, whilst writing a news piece about the present conflict. You can read it here