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Letter from the Edge

This is a reportage about the recent expulsions of Roma from France. Published in eurozine. Ici en francais

Drake’s Graffiti: Coming Home Slowly to What the Sea Means

The author was part of the successful campaign to establish a marine reserve in Lyme Bay. The first such protected area in English waters, it has permanently closed sixty square miles of seabed to the scallop-dredgers. This book, based on a talk Morpurgo gave recently, is part memoir, part updated guide to the West Country’s […]

How to be Reconciled with an Oil-Spill

This is the full text of a piece about the Prestige Disaster in the context of our oil-dependency and the build-up to war in Iraq. An edited version of this piece was printed in the March 2003 issue of the New Internationalist.