Monthly Archives: February 2022

The Thames by Night

‘The Thames by Night‘ is an essay about my grandparents, Jack and Kippe Morpurgo, published in the January / February 2022 issue of the PN Review.

7.5 Km3

7.5 Km3 is an essay published in the February / March issue of the London Magazine. It’s about the end of lockdown, the British government’s plan to build a floating wall down the middle of the Channel and the single day, in October 2020, when a record-breaking seven and a half cubic kilometres of rainwater […]


In June 2021, an open letter was published asking for a blue plaque to commemorate Stefan Zweig’s residence in central London from 1933-39. ‘Afterwardsness: On Being European Anyway’ is a collection of essays which seeks to emulate Zweig’s Erasmian ideal. A copy has been sent to anyone who signed the open letter and asked to […]