Semyon Lipkin and the Russia That Must Be There Somewhere

A review of A Close Reading of Fifty-Three Poems by Semyon Izrailevich Lipkin and Testimony From the Literary Memoirs of Semyon Lipkin in the Jan.-Feb. issue of PN Review.

Megaphone Man and the Echo at the British Museum

The British Museum’s withdrawal from its sponsorship deal with BP earlier this year was rightly praised. How might its collections be more actively used to address the climate crisis? My thoughts are published today in the Dec.-Jan. 2024 issue of the London Magazine.

The Heritage of Humanism and Enlightenment in Exile Literature

Chapter about Stefan Zweig’s Erasmus in ‘Das Erbe von Humanismus und Aufklärung in der Exilliteratur’, vol. 17 in the Schriftenreihe des Stefan Zweig Zentrum Salzburg. Published by Königshausen & Neumann, with Margit Dirscherl, Arturo Larcati and Ritchie Robertson editors.

Arthur Moss and the Experimental Light Station

A review of Philip Howse’s ‘Vicar Of the Amazon’, in the Aug. – Sept. 2023 issue of the London Magazine. A longer version was published under the same title in the Trinity College Annual Report in December 2023.

The Starry Parabola

On pages 50-1 of the July 2023 issue of The Marshwood Vale +, I’ve a piece about the efforts of actor Martin Clunes to evict his neighbours Theo Langton and Ruth McGill.

Reviewing Ho! Ho! Ho!

Bridport’s salmon poaching gangs from the 1970s and 1980s meet Millais’ ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’. The result is published in the 50th anniversary issue of the PN Review.

Huge Dolls Get Mandolined

A review of ‘Poppy’ by Joseph Minden, for the PN Review. A provocative sequence of poems about the English and memory.

Digital Utopianism or Pixelated Madness?

In discussion with Jonathan Simons, founding editor of The Analog Sea Journal, at 8pm on April 14th 2023, at the Unitarian Chapel in Bridport. You can read about it here.

On Findingness

‘On Findingness’ is about my home town and Bertrand Russell and that’s not all. It’s in the Jan. – Feb. 2023 issue of the PN Review.

Just Look at the Street

Essay about Chernivtsi, Ukraine, and the Bukowinisch-Galizische Literaturstrasse (Bucovina-Galicia Literary Trail) in the February-March issue of the London Magazine.