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Various 2012

Not sure if it’s available on line but I wrote a short piece for the New Internationalist about Patrick Keiller’s ‘Robinson Institute’, a free exhibition at the Tate Britain, based on his three Robinson films. Here’s what The Guardian thought. If you couldn’t get to London for that try to see the films anyway. I […]

Cometh the Moment, Cometh the Movie

The New Internationalist blog posted this article about Paul Goodman Changed My Life and the camp outside St Paul’s. There are details of the UK screenings (November 20th – November 23rd) at the end.

Writing the Riots

This essay is about the rioting in British cities last August. It re-visits Paul Goodman’s Growing Up Absurd in an attempt to better understand the recent outbreaks. Published in Dissent.

The Passion of Paul

This article about Paul Goodman, published in the December 2010 issue of the New Internationalist, has also been posted on the website of Jonathan Lee’s forthcoming documentary about him, ‘Paul Goodman Changed My Life’. Read the article here