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Not sure if it’s available on line but I wrote a short piece for the New Internationalist about Patrick Keiller’s ‘Robinson Institute’, a free exhibition at the Tate Britain, based on his three Robinson films. Here’s what The Guardian thought. If you couldn’t get to London for that try to see the films anyway.

I interviewed Richard Sennett about his new book, Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Co-operation (Allen Lane). That was also in the New Internationalist (July/August issue).

The launch of the Moby Dick Big Read on September 16th formed part of the Plymouth International Book Festival. The entire novel has been recorded, each chapter by a different reader. The chapters will be posted daily. I interviewed Angela Cockagne and Philip Hoare about the project. Read the article here.

I gave a talk, ‘Drake’s Graffiti: Coming Home Slowly to What the Sea Means’, at the MARINElife annual gathering, to be held during this year’s Whalefest at the Hilton Brighton Metropole. Weekend of October 27th-28th.

An excerpt, Mysterious Disappearances: God, Money and the Musical Banks, from the novel I’m currently working on, was in the October/November issue of the London Magazine.

My essay Paul Goodman: Unblocking the Future will be printed in the next issue of Artesian.

I’ve a piece in the first issue of 197 Piccadilly about the Peace Prize and the EU.

Journalists wishing to engage with the essay about Ted Hughes which I wrote for Arete are respectfully reminded that there is an alternative to recycling wildly partial on line tittle-tattle. It’s called research. Please read what I actually wrote.

If anyone is really that interested in the sales-driven and Daily Mail-sponsored Big Mystery, he or she should probably look through ‘Lady Chatterley’s Defendant’.

The Daily Mail Big Mystery is not a central theme in any of the essays collected in that volume, but some of them may be found to contain relevant material.

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